Impression Jasper - Wire Wrapped

Impression jasper has amazing patterns and comes in vibrant colors.  It's a natural Jasper that has been enhanced with infused color that shows off the lightning like pattern in each stone.  Embellished with 92.5 Argentium Sterling silver beads to make a striking pendant.

Wire Wrapped in 92.5 Argentium Sterling Silver

Size: 1 3/4" wide x 2 13/16"  high

A customized pair of earrings I created to perfectly match your pendant are included free!

Earrings are made of 92.5 sterling silver or 14K GF, natural stones, Swavorski crystals, and fused glass and either 92.5 sterling beads or 14K GF beads.

Necklace or collar is shown only for photography purposes. 

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  • Impression Jasper - Wire Wrapped
  • Impression Jasper - Wire Wrapped