Psilomelane Ring - Wire Wrapped

I'm always looking for unusual stones and one of the stones I collect is Psilomelane.  It's difficult to cut so most lapidiaries won't bother with it.  I have found the few that will so I collect them.  This stone has a great pattern.  I wrapped it in 92.5 Argentium Sterling Silver and 14K GF wire.    I've partially wrapped the ring shank for a smooth fit but left the rest open to show off the gold. 

Size:  7

Stone Size:  20 x 15

Wrapped in 14K GF wire and 92.5 Argentium Sterlng Silver

This ring is made by hand using high quality wire.  Wire is somewhat flexible and it's possible you can go 1/2 size up by gently working the ring on your finger.  However, once it's been 'stretched' to a larger size it will not go back to its previous size.  Handmade wire rings are fine jewelry.  I recommend removing it before playing sports, cleaning house or other similar high action activities.

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  • Psilomelane Ring - Wire Wrapped
  • Psilomelane Ring - Wire Wrapped
  • Psilomelane Ring - Wire Wrapped